(25) Days of Summer

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I started this mix in late April, and titled it “Almost May.” Then… I forgot about it. It became “May,” “Summer is Here,” “Birthday Mix,” “Mid-Summer” “July, July,” and then I gave up on it. But there’s a lot of good music I’ve been listening to lately, old and new, so I figured I’d resuscitate it (with some recent additions, namely mucho Nicola Roberts because I’m obsessed) and make it a big mix of songs I love. Enjoy, or don’t. I know I do!

Let's pretend this is from 2011...

(25) Songs of Summer

1. Nicola Roberts – Beat of My Drum

2. Cosmo Jarvis – She’s Got You

3. Sky Ferreira – Haters Anonymous

4. Robyn – Indestructible

5. Rufus Wainwright – 14th Street

6. Bruce Springsteen – Girls In Their Summer Clothes

7. Fleet Foxes – The Plains/Bitter Dancer

8. Vanessa Carlton – Carousel

9. Angus and Julia Stone – Hollywood

10. TLC – Unpretty

11. Regina Spektor – Dance Anthem of the 80s

12. The Pretty Reckless – Light Me Up

13. Girls Aloud – Biology

14. Nicola Roberts – Lucky Day

15. Lady Gaga – Heavy Metal Lover

16. Rewards – Equal Dreams (feat. Solange Knowles)

17. Kelly Rowland – Motivation (feat. Li’l Wayne)

18. Katy B – Perfect Stranger (album version)

19. Blink-182 – Up All Night

20. Ingrid Michaelson – Parachute

21. Jay Brannan – Soda Shop

22. Scarlett Johansson – Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley cover)

23. Kanye West – Hey Mama

24. Iron & Wine – Such Great Heights (Postal Service cover)

25. Amy Winehouse – Love Is a Losing Game (original demo)

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Oop at me

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Hi all,

In looking at my recent account statements, it seems that I’ve owned this website for more than half a year without writing a single word. (Okay, I’ve written two words, but “lorem ipsum” doesn’t reeeeeally count.) I bought the URL so I could have it in case I wanted it in the future, but seeing as I’m not running for president or likely to become a public figure anytime soon (unless that sex tape leaks…), I figured I might as well use it for frivolous things until a better use presents itself. Look here for mixtapes, things I find on the internet, and maybe even a tipsy ramble or two.



PS: Yes, this IS because I’m too damn old to figure out Tumblr.